Tribute Band
Play Me

How to challenge a group of musicians that want to form a tribute band for a legendary entertainer:
· Choose an entertainer that is celebrated as one of the most reputed singer-songwriters, enigmatic stage presences, and bestselling
artists in pop/rock history.
· Make sure the entertainer has recently been immortalized as a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductee and a Kennedy Center
· Ensure that the tribute band cuts their teeth playing to audiences in a region where musical tastes are heavily skewed toward
country-western, norteño, and Native American.
· Scoff at their audacity.
This was the journey that lead vocalist and producer Chris Waggoner, bassist and arranger John Hyndman, and their ragtag group of
musician friends boldly set out upon when they formed “Play ME, the music of NEIL DIAMOND”, in the spring of 2011 in Las Cruces,
New Mexico. Their ambition has paid off, as the band routinely puts on high-powered, sold-out performances accompanied by some of
the area's most talented musicians.
What started off as a fun little tribute show amongst a handful of friends has grown into a full-scale stage production, with a full range
of horns, wind instruments, percussion, and background vocals from up to a dozen participants at a time. Many of them have been on
the grind in the local scene for years as a part of other outfits playing a variety of musical styles.
Instead of just covering Neil Diamond's iconic tunes, Play Me puts their own creative touches on them to create a magical experience.
John, for example, composed original melodic and harmony lines in some of the songs so that horns and strings could be added in a
way that fits stylistically and thematically with the overall show. And for Chris, who channels Neil Diamond with vigor and intensity as
the band’s frontman, Play Me has been a passion project thirty-plus years in the making. It’s no wonder audience members have been
known to say that if you close your eyes, it truly sounds like you’re at a show with the Brooklyn Cowboy himself. This combination of
talent, passion, and showmanship has made Play Me New Mexico's premier Neil Diamond tribute act.

America, Be, Beautiful Noise, Cherry, Cherry, Cracklin' Rosie, Desiree, Forever In Blue Jeans, Heart Light, Hello Again, I Am, I Said, If You Know What I Mean, Kentucky Woman, Longfellow Serenade,
Love On The Rocks, Play Me, Song Sung Blue, Walk On Water, John's Interlude, Holly, Holy, Soolaimon, Red, Red, Wine, September Morning, Shilo, Solitary Man, Lady Oh, Baby Oh,
You Don't Bring Me Flowers, Sweet Caroline, Yesterday's Songs, I'm A Believer, Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show, Thank The Lord For The Night Time,
Neil Diamond