Tribute Band
Pink Droyd

For over 4 decades the amazing music and live concerts of Pink Floyd have entertained and mesmerized audiences around the world. Their live performances were both aurally astounding and visually brilliant. Today Pink Droyd, a tribute to Pink Floyd, brings the look, feel, and sound of those shows to audiences across America. Their show is both accurate to the Pink Floyd music and visually stunning with their robotic, intelligent light show, digital video accompaniment (including the Pink Floyd traditional circular video screen), and amazing laser show.

Pink Droyd brings to life the music of Pink Floyd by including high-energy, accurate, and performances of some of Pink Floyd’s most memorable songs. From visiting The Dark Side of the Moon to building The Wall Pink Droyd spans the Pink Floyd catalog including the most memorable hits and some beloved obscure tracks.

Pink Droyd was formed as a sort of ‘super tribute’ as the band is composed of veterans from other successful Pink Floyd tribute bands, including: Pink Voyd (Boston, MA), EarthBound Misfits (Fort Wayne, IN), and the legendary The Lennon Brothers. With a combined Pink Floyd tribute band experience of almost 40 years this all-star cast brings the music and experience of Pink Floyd to audiences at a time when the appreciation of Pink Floyd has never been greater!

[The Piper at the Gates of Dawn] Astronomy Domine
[A Saucerful of Secrets] Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
[Atom Heart Mother] Fat Old Sun
[Relics] Biding My Time
[Obscured By Clouds] Obscured By Clouds
[Meddle] One of These Days
[Meddle] Fearless
[Meddle] San Tropez
[Meddle] Echoes
[Dark Side of the Moon] Speak to Me
[Dark Side of the Moon] Breathe
[Dark Side of the Moon] On the Run
[Dark Side of the Moon] Time
[Dark Side of the Moon] Great Gig in the Sky
[Dark Side of the Moon] Money
[Dark Side of the Moon] Us and Them
[Dark Side of the Moon] Any Colour You Like
[Dark Side of the Moon] Brain Damage
[Dark Side of the Moon] Eclipse
[Wish You Were Here] Shine on You Crazy Daimond (parts I - V)
[Wish You Were Here] Welcome to the Machine
[Wish You Were Here] Have a Cigar
[Wish You Were Here] Wish You Were Here
[Wish You Were Here] Shine on You Crazy Daimond (parts VI - IX)
[Animals] Pigs on the Wing (part I)
[Animals] Dogs
[Animals] Pigs
[Animals] Sheep
[Animals] Pigs on the Wing (part II)
[The Wall] In the Flesh
[The Wall] The Thin Ice
[The Wall] Another Brick in the Wall (part I)
[The Wall] The Happiest Days of Our Lives
[The Wall] Another Brick in the Wall (part II)
[The Wall] Mother
[The Wall] Goodbye Blue Sky
[The Wall] Empty Spaces
[The Wall] What Shall We Do Now!
[The Wall] Young Lust
[The Wall] One of My Turns
[The Wall] Don't Leave Me Now
[The Wall] Another Brick in the Wall (part III)
[The Wall] Goodbye Cruel World
[The Wall] Hey You
[The Wall] Is There Anybody Out There?
[The Wall] Comfortably Numb
[The Wall] Run Like Hell
[The Final Cut] Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
[The Final Cut] Two Suns in the Sunset
[A Momentary Lapse of Reason] Learning to Fly
[A Momentary Lapse of Reason] On The Turning Away
[The Division Bell] What Do You Want From Me
[The Division Bell] High Hopes
Pink Floyd