Tribute Band
One More Time

One More Time: A Tribute to Daft Punk is the first and only realistic tribute of their kind. They don replica chromed helmets and FULL SCALE pyramid stage to create the perfect Daft Punk inspired vibe and perform an awe-inspiring encore in electro-luminescent suits, reminiscent of the “Alive 2007” tour.

One More Time flawlessly produce a high-octane hour and fifteen minute set combining Daft Punk anthems, club bangers, and their own remixes.

Time machines are hard to come by...

Lose Yourself To Dance
Instant Crush
Around The World
One More Time
Harder Better Faster Stronger
Giorgio By Moroder
Something About Us
Robot Rock
Da Funk
Give Life Back to Music
TRON Legacy
Digital Love
and Many More
Daft Punk