Tribute Band
Dead Man's Party

OINGO BOINGO tribute band Dead Man's Party has been bringing you Boingo tunes LIVE - the way you remember 'em from the original Oingo Boingo shows - for over a decade! This 8-PIECE BAND has been fashioned after the ORIGINAL OINGO BOINGO LINE-UP, featuring a THREE-PIECE HORN SECTION, GUITAR, BASS, KEYS, DRUMS and a front-man so convincing that people sometimes believe that they are actually watching DANNY ELFMAN himself!

Not only has DMP been "ELFO-APPROVED" by Oingo Boingo founder & DMP supporter RICHARD ELFMAN, but the band is even sometimes joined on stage by FORMER OINGO BOINGO BAND MEMBERS, such as

"Hard-core Boingo fans continue to show their support and appreciation for the band's 'TRUE TO BOINGO sound and their lead-singer's uncanny resemblance to DANNY ELFMAN, both in looks and in vocal performance. Whether you're an old-school MYSTIC KNIGHTS of the OINGO BOINGO fan, a DANNY ELFMAN / OINGO BOINGO fanatic, or are new to the Boingo world, DMP always delivers a HIGH-ENERGY, IN YOUR FACE PERFORMANCE that never disappoints!"

A note to our critics:
The members of Dead Man's Party do not think they are, are not trying to be, nor do they have any delusions of being Oingo Boingo. Danny Elfman has said that he would not reunite the band; that's why DMP exists. Though some former Oingo Boingo members do get together for a gig every so often, Boingo is - UNFORTUNATELY - no more. No band lives forever. DMP, however IS dedicated to recreating the Oingo Boingo experience. We are not just a band paying tribute to the music of Danny Elfman and the boys of OB. We work hard to deliver that music true-as-possible to its original sound with concerts that bring Boingo veterans back to the good old days, and show the newbees what's what...

If you think any of us do it for the money, think again. This music is challenging and takes time & effort to work out. Our drummer Axel once calculated that DMP members make approximately $.02 an hour when you work in all of our rehearsal time. If you consider THAT "cashing in" you should probably consider a different career yourself... Or maybe you should just get off your high-horse & check out a show. Who knows? You might even enjoy it as much as the rest of us do!

Rob - Lead Vocals
Mike - Lead Guitar
Andy - Bass Guitar
Axel - Drums
Norm - Keys
Bruce - Tenor Sax
Jake - Trumpet
Roger - Bari Sax

Band Alumni

Dan - Trumpet
Darren - Trumbone
Erin - Backup Vocals
Heather - Backup Vocals
Karen - Backup Vocals
Lee - Keys
Matt - Rhythm Guitar
Sam - Rhythm Guitar
Nic - Keys

Oingo Boingo