Tribute Band
Creedence Revived

The members of Creedence Revived, with the exception of Dylan McGee Jones and Bill Bakopoulos, all originated from another CCR tribute band. There, they grew together and played for crowds upwards of 30,000 people. However, after a few years, decided to go seperate ways and create their own creedence tribute band, Creedence Revived. With the addition of the electrifying guitarists,they’ve been able to take a tribute to CCR to new heights by giving it a new flare that makes it their own style while keeping the CCR authenticity and add the element of youth as well that traditionally gets lost in the tribute band scene.

As Long As I Can See The Light
Before You Accuse Me
Bad Moon Rising
Born On The Bayou
Down On The Corner
Feelin' Blue
Fortunate Son
Green River
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Heard It Through The Grapevine
Hey Tonight
I Put A Spell On You
It Came Out Of The Sky
Keep On Chooglin'
Lookin' Out My Back Door
Midnight Special
Night Time Is The Right Time
Pagan Baby
Proud Mary
Run Through The Jungle
Suzie Q
Sweet Hitch-Hiker
The Midnight Special
Travelin' Band
Up Around The Bend
Who'll Stop The Rain